Mr. Mike Cline, Vice President
Board of Tipton County Commissioners exness
Commissioner Phone: (765) 675-7921
Cell Phone: (765) 513-4424
Home: (765) 947-5383

Each county is governed by a Board of THREE County Commissioners . The Board of County Commissioners is the chief administrative and policy making body of exness trading Tipton County .  
The Commissioners are responsible for providing legislative and administrative services to
Tipton County .   The purpose of the department is to identify and clarify the needs of the people, and ensure the county responds to those needs exness trade.

The terms of office of County Commissioners are four years on a staggered basis.

In general, the Board of County Commissioners is responsible for the administration of all county business.   The Commissioners may enact ordinances to meet local conditions and exercise other authority vested in the Board by the legislature.


The Commissioners meet every other Monday at 9 AM in the Commissioners room on the second floor of the Tipton County Courthouse.  
The meetings are opened to the public.


          The Board of County Commissioners serves as a County Board of Finance.   The Board of Finance has general supervision over all funds of the county.    The Drainage Board reviews and approves the construction, maintenance, reconstruction and vacation of regulated drains.

                         GENERAL POWERS and DUTIES

          1. Controlling, maintaining, and supervising county property.

          2. Auditing and authorizing of claims against the county    

          3. Receiving of bids and authorization of contracts

4. Preparing of the annual budget for Commissioners, courthouse,    Drainage Board, Landfill, Cumulative Bridge , and Cumulative Capital Development.

5. Serving with the County Surveyor , as members of the County Drainage Board.

6. Making recommendations to the County Council as to the amount of salary to be paid to each county officer.

7. Making appointment to advisory boards, commissions, and other agencies, as provided by law.

8. Furthering economic development

9. Providing planning and zoning

10. Highway Projects Supervision and Ordinances

11. Authorizing financial assistance and services for the mentally ill and mental retardation.

f you wish to send the Tipton County Commissioners
U.S. Mail please send the item to:

Tipton County Commissioners
C/O Tipton County Auditor
101 East Jefferson Street
Tipton, IN  46072

Mr. Gerald Shuck, Member
Board of Tipton County Commissioners
Commissioner Phone: (765) 675-7921
Phone: (765) 860-6833