Chuck Bell, Director

1. Conduct a risk assessment for County exness.
2. Review and update the county risk assessment yearly.
3. Update the CEMP, based upon the risk assessment, to prevent/lessen the effects of a man made or natural disaster.

We are here to serve the citizens of Tipton County through:

A. Prevention

B. Protection

1. Conduct a comprehensive planning assessment; develop single, countywide strategic, operational and tactical plans; and support local entities through planning and grants assistance exness forex.

2. Conducting training with local responder, negotiation mutual aid agreements, and designate, in advance, evacuation routes that could be used and providing information to the public to help them protect themselves appropriately.
3. Work with local business to develop disaster and continuity of operations plans.

C. Response

1. Activate the county Emergency Operations Center providing officials with real-time information and resource support to save lives and prevent/reduce harm to people and property during an emergency

2. Central coordination point for requesting mutual aid from surrounding counties, as well as state and federal resources.
3. Support local law enforcement by providing traffic control resources exness broker.

D. Recovery

1. Includes both short-long term activities that restore vital services to minimum operating standards.

2. Provide technical assistance for local government, small business and individual property owners.
3. Provide information on various grant/funding sources during the recovery phase.
Conducts damage assessments of the area and provide the information to IDHS and FEMA.
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